The policies/procedures listed below are the current Trust approved generic versions.    For the individual school versions please visit the relevant school website.  To view a policy/procedure simply click on the link below:


(The policies will be updated with documents once they are approved)

Admissions Policy

Please click the below link for Stoke-on-Trent Admissions arrangements:-

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

Best Value

Charging and Remission Policy 2019

Code of Conduct for Governors


GDPR Data Protection Policy

Debt Minimisation Policy 2019

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policy 2019

E-Security Policy

Fixed Asset policy 2019

Accounting and Finance Policy 2019

Freedom of Information Policy

Gift and Hospitality

Health and Safety

LGPS Policies

Medical Conditions

Mobile Phone and Camera

Teachers Pay Policy 2018 2019

Preventing extremism and radicalism

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Safeguarding and CP Policy

School Closures

Sex and Relationships Education


Teacher appraisal

Whistleblowing (LA Adopted HR policy)